Antarctica Peninsula Sites, 1989 - 2001

As reported by tour operators to IAATO and NSF. Place names and coordinates are from Geographic Names of the Antarctic (1995) with the right column for general reference only. Abbreviations used: SSI - South Shetland Islands; SOI - South Orkney Islands; KGI - King George Island.

Please note:

  • This list excludes active stations, which should be reported by base name.
  • Use the following standard names for reporting sites where landings are made. In general, use the most specific appropriate name (landing site, anchorage or island)
  • Please advise IAATO of corrections, additions, and especially of duplicate names.
  • This list is not intended to account for non-specific geographic areas where Zodiac cruising may occur or where other activities such as helicopter flights and ice walks occur. Indicating bodies of water (e.g., Antarctic Sound, Admiralty Sound) does not help to identify frequency of visitation to sites and you should not add them to this list. Please continue to indicate these activities, however, on the Post-Visit report.

Please use this link to download a PDF document of the list of sites below.

Place Name Coordinates Geographic Identifier
Aitcho Islands 62°24'S, 059°47'W English Strait. SSI
Alcock Island 64°14'S, 061°08'W Hughes Bay
Arago Glacier 64°51'S, 062°23'W Andvord Bay
Ardley Island 62°13'S, 058°56'W SW KGI, SSI
Argentine Islands 65°15'S, 064°16'W Penola Strait
Astrolabe Island 63°17'S, 058°40'W Bransfield Strait
Baily Head 62°58'S, 060°30'W Deception Island, SSI
Barcroft Islands 66°27'S, 067°10'W Biscoe Islands
Bennett Islands 66°56'S, 067°40'W Hanusse Bay
Berthelot Islands 65°20'S, 064°09'W Grandidier Channel
Blaiklock Island 67°33'S, 067°04'W NE Marguerite Bay
Bongrain Point 67°43'S 067°48'W W side Pourquoi Pas Island
Brown Bluff 63°32'S, 056°55'W Tabarin Peninsula
Camp Point 67°58'S, 067°19'W Eastern Marguerite Bay
Challenger Island 64°21'S, 061°35'W Gerlache Strait
Charcot, Port 65°04'S, 064°00'W Booth Island
Christiania Islands 63°57'S, 061°27'W Between Liege & Trinity Is.
Christiania Islands (See Intercurrence Island)
Comb Ridge 65°55'S, 057°28'W Northern James Ross Island
Cormorant Island 64°48'S, 063°58'W South side of Anvers I.
Crystal Hill 63°39'S, 057°44'W Prince Gustav Channel
Cuverville Island 64°41'S, 062°38'W Errera Channel
Damoy Point 64°49'S, 063°32'W Wiencke Island (hut at Dorian Bay)
Danco Island 64°44'S, 062°37'W Errera Channel
Danger Islands 63°25'S, 054°40'W SE of Joinville Island
Demaria, Mount (See Tuxen, Cape)  
Detaille Island 66°52'S, 066°48'W Crystal Sound
Devil Island 63°48'S, 057°17'W E. of James Ross Island
Dorian Bay (See Damoy Point)
Dubouzet, Cape 63°16'S, 057°03'W NE Trinity Peninsula
Dundas, Cape 60°44'S, 044°24'W Eastern Laurie Island, SOI
D'Urville Monument 63°25'S, 056°18'W SW Joinville Island
Duthiers Point 64°48'S, 062°49'W Gerlache Strait
Duthoit Point 62°19'S, 058°50'W Eastern Nelson Island, SSI
Enterprise Island 64°32'S, 062°00'W Gerlache Strait
Evensen, Cape 66°09'S, 065°44'W Crystal Sound
Fildes Peninsula 62°12'S, 058°58'W SW KGI, SSI
Fish Islands 66°02'S, 065°25'W Holtedahl Bay
Gage, Cape 64°10'S, 057°05'W Eastern James Ross Island
Gaston Islands 64°28'S, 061°50'W Gerlache Strait
Georges Point 64°40'S, 062°40'W Northern Ronge Island
Gibbs Island 61°28'S, 055°34'W SW of Elephant Island, SSI
Gin Cove 64°03'S, 058°25'W Western James Ross Island
Girard Bay 65°08'S, 064°00'W Lemaire Channel
Gosling Islands 60°39'S, 045°55'W South of Coronation I., SOI
Goudier Island 64°50'S, 063°30'W Port Lockroy hut -see also Jougla Pt
Gourdin Island 63°12'S, 057°18'W N. tip Antarctic Peninsula
Half Moon Island 62°36'S, 059°55'W East Side of Livingston I.
Hannah Point 62°39'S, 060°37'W Livington Island, SSI
Heim Glacier 67°28'S, 066°55'W Southern Arrowsmith Peninsula
Heroina Island 63°24'S, 054°36'W See Danger Islands
Heywood Island 62°20'S, 059°41'W Off Robert I., SSI
Horseshoe Island 67°51'S, 067°12'W NE Marguerite Bay
Hovgaard Island 65°08'S, 064°08'W Penola Strait
Huemul Island 63°40'S, 060°50'W Northern Trinity Peninsula
Hydrurga Rocks 64°08'S, 061°37'W Gerlache Strait
Intercurrence Island 63°55'S, 061°24'W Gerlache Strait
Jonassen Island 63°33'S, 056°40'W Antarctic Sound
Jougla Point 64°50'S, 063°30'S Port Lockroy (see also Goudier Is)
Kinnes, Cape 63°22'S, 056°33'W Joinville Island (see Madder Cliffs)
Kjellman, Cape 63°44'S, 059°24'W Charcot Bay
Lagarrigue Cove 64°39'S, 062°34'W Errera Channel (near Spigot Peak)
Lockroy, Port (Use Goudier Island and/or Jougla Point)
Lookout, Cape 61°16'S, 055°12'W Southern Elephant I., SSI
Macaroni Point 62°54'S, 060°32'W Deception Island, SSI
Madder Cliffs 63°18'S, 056°29'W Joinville Island
Martin, Point 60°47'S, 044°41'W S coast Laurie Island, SOI
Melchior Islands 64°19'S, 062°57'W Dallmann Bay
Melville, Cape 62°02'S, 057°37'W Eastern KGI, SSI
Metchnikoff Point 64°03'S, 062°34'W Northern Brabant Island
Mill, Mount (see Waddington Bay)  
Murray Island 64°22'S, 061°34'W Hughes Bay
Neko Harbor 64°50'S, 062°33'W Andvord Bay (Arg. refuge hut)
Orne Islands 64°40'S, 062°40'W Northern Ronge Island
Palaver Point 64°09'S, 061°45'W West of Two Hummock Island
Paulet Island 63°35'S, 055°47'W South of Dundee Island
Pendulum Cove 62°56'S, 060°36'W Deception Island - geothermal beach
Penguin Island 62°06'S, 057°54'W King George Bay, KGI
Penguin Point 64°19'S, 056°43'W Seymour Island
Petermann Island 65°10'S, 064°10'W Penola Strait
Pitt Islands 65°26'S, 065°30'W North of Renaud Is, Biscoe Islands
Pitt Point 63°51'S, 058°22'W Trinity Peninsula (Victory Glacier)
Pléneau Island 65°06'S, 064°04'W Penola Strait
Portal Point 64°30'S, 061°46'W Reclus Peninsula
Port Lockroy (Use Goudier Island and/or Jougla Point)
Prospect Point 66°01'S, 065°21'W Holtedahl Bay
Robert Point 62°28'S, 059°23'W Robert Island, SSI
Rongé Island 64°43'S, 062°41'W West side of Errera Channel
Rosamel Island 63°34'S, 056E17'W Antarctic Sound
Rum Cove 64°06'S, 058°25'W James Ross Is
Seymour Island (see Penguin Point)  
Shingle Cove 60°39'S, 045°34'W South coast of Coronation I., SOI
Skontorp Cove 64°54'S, 062°52'W Paradise Harbor - if landing
Small Island 64°00'S, 061°27'W Off Intercurrence Island
Snow Hill Island 64°28'S, 057°12'W Admiralty Sound
Spigot Peak (see Lagarrigue Cove)  
Spring Point 64°18'S, 061°03'W Hughes Bay
Stonington Island 68°11'S, 067°00'W East Marguerite Bay
Suárez Glacier 64°56'S, 062°56'W Paradise Harbor
Telefon Bay 62°56'S, 060°40'W Deception Island - walk to craters
Torgersen Island 64°46'S, 064°05'W Arthur Harbor, Anvers I.
Turret Point 62°05'S, 057°55'W King George Island, SSI
Tuxen, Cape 65°16'S, 064°08'W Waddington Bay (Mt. Demaria)
Useful Island 64°43'S, 062°52'W West of Ronge Island
Valentine, Cape 61°06'S, 054°39'W Eastern Elephant I., SSI
View Point 63°33'S, 057°22'W Duse Bay, Trinity Peninsula
Waddington Bay 65°16'S, 064°05'W Penola Strait (Mt. Mill)
Wauwermans Islands 64°55'S, 063°53'W South of Anvers Island
Whalers Bay 62°59'S, 060°34'W Deception Island - old stations
Wiggins Glacier 65°14'S, 064°03'W Grandidier Channel
Wild, Point 61°06'S, 054°52'W Northern Elephant I., SSI
Yalour Islands 65°14'S, 064°10'W Penola Strait
Yankee Harbor 62°32'S, 059°47'W Greenwich I., SSI - Spit Point