Climate Change in Antarctica...
Understanding the Facts

Become an "Ambassador for Antarctica" and a steward of the global ecosystem…

IAATO recognizes that modern climate change is a significant threat to the Antarctic environment and has established a working group to promote awareness and understanding of climate change in the Antarctic resulting from human activities worldwide, and to develop advice for IAATO members to be climate-change friendly.

Experiencing Antarctica first hand is a privilege for anyone who visits, whether a tourist, scientific researcher, travel industry professional, ship crew member or national program employee. Having no native population, Antarctica needs ambassadors who will champion this unique environment in a global context.

We encourage you to take part and follow developments in the news and in your governments regarding the science and management of climate change, particularly as it affects Polar Regions. Learn more about climate change, its implications for the global commons and what you can do to help minimize and mitigate the changes.

The IAATO Fact Sheets (in PDF format) that can be downloaded here summarize the Antarctic Climate Change and Environment report (ACCE), produced by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (2009). 

The full ACCE report and supporting documents can be found on the SCAR website.

A summary of the report's key findings can be downloaded here.