Sailing to Antarctica? Cap vers l'Antarctique? ¿Rumbo a la Antártida?

IAATO's pamhlet, "Sailing to Antarctica" can be downloaded here, The pamphlet – in English, French and Spanish – offers valuable information and links for yachts heading for Antarctica. 

Thinking of flying a drone in Antarctica?

IAATO is cautioning all potential travellers to Antarctica, who are hoping to fly a drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), to check with their travel agent or tour operator before packing their device.  IAATO member operators have agreed to ban the recreational use of UAVs in Antarctica's unique, and often wildlife rich, coastal areas while more information is gathered about their safe and environmentally responsible use in this last great wilderness. This policy will be reviewed annually. Read More

Yachting Guidelines and Checklist 

At the 35th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (Hobart, 2012), Treaty Parties adopted Resolution 10. The resolution recommends that all those intending to undertake a yacht visit to Antarctica utilize an agreed Checklist of yacht specific items for preparing safe Antarctic voyages. The Parties also recommended the use of agreed Guidelines for Antarctic Cruises. Contact details of national competent authorities and relevant Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCCs) were also made available for Antarctica-bound yachts.


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Sailing to Antarctica?

Be Prepared and Help Protect the Antarctic Environment

Visiting Antarctica is one of life's greatest experiences. It is a place that can be seductive in its beauty, wildness, pristine nature and isolation, but harsh, inhospitable and fiercely dangerous in its extreme climate.

Xplore and ZodiacEach year, hundreds of visitors go to Antarctica onboard sailing or motor yachts to experience this unique ecosystem. With this rewarding adventure comes a responsibility: careful planning and preparation are needed to legally travel to and stay safe in Antarctica.

Remember to tread softly. Protecting the fragile environment for science and future visitors is a commitment everyone must make.

Please join the Antarctic community and help keep the tradition alive.

Be a safe and environmentally responsible visitor to Antarctica

Check for the latest information. Free advice on authorization contact points, sites to visit, resources and guidelines for visitors can all be accessed via the links to the web pages noted in the Yachts navigation menu, the gray box to the upper left.

Please review these pages, and benefit from decades of Antarctic yachting experience...

Additional resources can be found at:

Among IAATO yacht operators, there are specialized yachts available for charter as a whole or with individual berths, and other companies which provide consultancy services specializing in assisting private yacht visits to Antarctica. For more information, please visit the Yacht Operators and Services Providers page or go to the IAATO membership directory.

For yacht operators interested in joining IAATO, download the IAATO Yacht Membership Guidelines & Observer Requirements

To download a multi-language pamphlet (English, French and Spanish) that covers most of the yacht information on these web pages, please click here.