IAATO Executive Committee

Terry Shaller

Chair -- IAATO Executive Committee

Terry comes to educational travel and to IAATO from the world of academia.  Educated at Harvard University (AB 1972, PhD 1979) as a historian, he stayed on at Harvard as a lecturer and as a dean for the first ten years after receiving his doctorate.  In 1989 he took over responsibility for alumni educational programming University-wide, and in the process of growing the travel-study program that was part of this portfolio from 7 departures per year to 70, he discovered and nurtured his passion for travel.

In 2003, Terry left Harvard to join the staff of Travel Dynamics International, one of the seven founding members of IAATO, and became in 2005 the company's representative at IAATO Annual Meetings.  He has attended these meetings ever since, becoming increasingly involved in setting policy and assisting in the self-governance of this remarkable volunteer organization.  Terry has served as chair of a number of IAATO committees and working groups, most recently as Chair of Bylaws and of the Compliance Committee.  He lives and works from his home in Arlington, MA, just outside of Boston.

Mark van der Hulst

IAATO Executive Committee

Mark has been actively involved for some years in IAATO serving as Chair of the Gateway Committee, as a member of the Finance Committee and currently as Chair of the Marine Committee.
Mark spent most of his life working aboard ships or within the maritime industry. He served in the Royal Netherlands Navy for over 13 years and the Royal Netherlands Air Force prior to that until, by coincidence, he became involved in shipbuilding. One of the rebuilding projects he was involved with was Oceanwide Expeditions' vessel Plancius where he served as Project Manager.
After completion of the Plancius rebuild, Mark stayed with Oceanwide Expeditions group as Managing Director of Oceanwide Marine Services. He currently holds the position as COO of the Oceanwide Expeditions group and works and lives in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.

With his maritime background Mark is involved in the development of the Polar Code and related polar maritime issues and has participated in various sessions at The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Polar Code meetings in London.
During the building of Plancius he had the opportunity to join a trip to Antarctica on one of Oceanwide's other vessels. When he thought he had seen most of the world during his active Navy career it was then he was bitten by "the polar bug" and caught by the beauty and serenity of the continent.

Andrew Prossin

IAATO Executive Committee

Andrew is a British Columbia, Canada based entrepreneur, adventurer, and philanthropist. As the Managing Director of One Ocean Expeditions, he pairs his experience and passion for the Polar Regions with ongoing support and commitment to the Canadian Arctic and Antarctica. As a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Andrew was honoured to help support the search for HMS Erebus by supplying the One Ocean Voyager as a platform for the Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014.  Recently Andrew was recognized for this contribution to Canada's Polar Story by the presentation of the Erebus Medal by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

Andrew grew up on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada and graduated with a degree from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Andrew decided to "run away to sea". What started as a three-month commitment to manage a ship transformed itself into an entrepreneurial career in expedition cruising where he could apply his experience and passion to all things polar.

Andrew is also an accomplished ocean-racing sailor winning a race across the Atlantic Ocean in a 30-foot sailboat; sailing around Cape Horn in a Southern Ocean gale and competitively racing all over the world.

With a reputation for innovation and attention to detail, Andrew has become well known in the expedition cruise industry for the high quality expedition cruise programs he develops. He is also noted for his attention to vital areas of safety and his commitment to environmental protection.

Robyn Woodhead

IAATO Executive Committee

Robyn has been involved in Antarctic Tourism since 2006 and has been an active member of IAATO since 2010, joining the Executive Committee in 2017.  She also serves on the Gateway Committee, Climate Change and Deep Field Working Groups. Robyn is a co-director of White Desert Ltd, alongside her husband, Patrick.

Robyn grew up in Cape Town in a family of intrepid travellers. Right from the beginning, adventure travel was in her DNA and she has now travelled to over 90 countries on her last count. After graduating from university she moved to London where she set herself up in the world of Travel Marketing and PR. She went on to found a UK-based luxury Travel Marketing and Advertising agency where she cut her teeth on a wide variety of clients including the European Union, The Centre for Disease Control and numerous high-end travel destinations.

After an expedition to Antarctica in 2006, Robyn turned her attention to the other end of the planet and skied the last degree to the North Pole with her family. She became the first South African to reach both Poles and later that same year, now hooked on all things polar, she left advertising to join White Desert. 

She now divides her time between London, Cape Town and Dronning Maud Land, finding Antarctic tourism to be the perfect way of combining her business acumen with a deep rooted passion for the Polar Regions.

With a reputation for being affable, energetic and with organisational skills to put soldier ants to shame, Robyn is looking forward to contributing to IAATO, helping to ensure there is a continuation of sustainable and environmentally conscious tourism in Antarctica. Part of this process is encapsulated in the work done at White Desert, where she is on a mission to create true "Antarctic Ambassadors" - former high profile clients who then go on to make a difference through their own networks, helping to secure the future and protection of Antarctica. She is also a proud mother of two, balancing work and family life.

Rob McCallum

IAATO Executive Committee

Seattle based New Zealander Rob McCallum is a founding partner of both IAATO member EYOS Expeditions Ltd, and of IAATO Associate Expedition Voyage Consultants Ltd.  Rob has been visiting Antarctica for over twenty years, initially as a New Zealand Government ‘Antarctic Observer' and later as an expedition leader with many of the IAATO's member companies.   Since the formation of EYOS Expeditions in 2008, Rob and the EYOS team have coordinated Antarctic visits by dozens of the worlds premier super-yachts to South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and the Ross Sea.

Rob holds both bachelor (Lincoln) and masters degrees (Aberystwyth) in protected area management and worked for the NZ Department of Conservation for 23 years in the management of pristine places.  He was on secondment to the United Nations Development Program for 4 years as a technical advisor on integrating conservation with development (tourism).  He is a published author on conservation techniques and has a lifetime of experience in enabling visitors to visit precious landscapes with minimal impact.

A keen aircraft pilot, diver and explorer, Rob is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Explorers Club.  While he has a strong interest in adventure and exploration, he has a lifelong passion for protecting pristine landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them.

Robin West

IAATO Executive Committee

Born and raised in South Africa, Robin West could either be found in the ocean or on the rugby pitch while growing up. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Port Elizabeth, his love for adventure developed into a career when he became an owner and operator of two outdoor adventure companies.

Robin then sought out adventure beyond Africa, setting his mind to global expedition travel. With a solid base of business and tourism, Robin began working on expedition ships, covering all corners of the world over the course of 15 years. Working with numerous companies and private super yachts, he has not only gained tremendous experience in the operations of the expedition business, but he has also developed a deep knowledge of some of the most remote and exciting places in the world.

With this experience and knowledge of the luxury industry, Robin joined Seabourn as Director of Expedition Operation, placing him in charge of all aspects of expedition operations. When not exploring the far corners of the world, Robin now calls The Netherlands home.