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Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting CEP XXIII


14th - 24th
June 2021


Treaty Parties come together once a year at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM). As an invited expert since 1994, IAATO participates in annual ATCMs, providing expert advice on tourism-related issues to facilitate discussions on the management of human activity in Antarctica.

In 2011, through Resolution 3 (2011), the ATCM adopted the General Guidelines for Visitors to the Antarctic, which provide general advice for visiting any location, with the objective of ensuring visits do not have adverse impacts on the Antarctic environment, or on its scientific and aesthetic values.

Parties implement the Antarctic Treaty and its Environment Protocol into the domestic law. National legislations establish a permitting regime for activities in Antarctica, and eligible visitors are required to obtain the necessary permits in advance from the relevant Competent Authority of each Antarctic Treaty Party.


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