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World Albatross Day 2022


19th June - 01st
January 1970


World Albatross Day, a global event brought to life by the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) in 2020, was launched in response to the continuing conservation crisis faced by the 31 seabird species protected by the organisation.

For IAATO, a non-profit member organisation that advocates and promotes the practice of safe, environmentally responsible private-sector travel to Antarctica, the importance of World Albatross Day cannot be overstated. Albatrosses are synonymous with Antarctic expeditions, and many operators harness the power of citizen science to conduct seabird surveys, raise money for albatross conservation, financially support ACAP activities or carry researchers to remote field sites for censuses.

Throughout June we’ll be supporting the event and sharing our passion for these magnificent creatures across our social channels.


Download your World Albatross Day poster here.


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