Government Authorization Contacts

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All Antarctica-bound yacht expeditions must be authorized by the operator's own country or the vessel's flag state.

Below is a partial list of Treaty Party governments whose websites provide information pertaining to Advance Notifications, environmental impact assessments and other documents that may be required. Note that requirements are different, depending on the national authority, and some countries may require that you submit your application up to five months before the intended date of your voyage.

Note: An Argentine or Chilean exit permit or zarpe by itself is not a suitable authorization to visit Antarctica.

If you would like assistance in contacting the appropriate governmental authority not on this list, please contact IAATO.

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Additional guidelines for yachts sailing to Antarctica have been produced by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Even if you are securing an authorization or permit from another country, these guidelines are very useful. They can be found at:

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The US Department of State is the lead agency to notify regarding any planned yacht expedition to Antarctica. Contact William Muntean Senior Advisor for Antarctica.

For US-based or US-flagged yacht operators, please review the Guidelines for US Yacht Expeditions to Antarctica.