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News10 May 2022, 1400 UTC

IAATO Launches Map Showcasing Antarctic Ambassadors from Around the World

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The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators has released an Ambassadorship Map, showcasing Antarctic Ambassadors around the world.

The map was launched on Antarctic Ambassadorship Day on April 25th; an event announced in August last year by IAATO as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. The membership organisation had already formalised its definition of an Antarctic Ambassador in May 2021 to be someone who:

  • Loves and respects the region;
  • Educates others by sharing their Antarctic experiences;
  • Advocates for Antarctica when opportunities arise, and;
  • Protects Antarctica by making positive changes at home.

The idea behind the new L.E.A.P acronym is to empower everyone to LEAP into action as ambassadors of the region, using their knowledge and passion in support of Antarctica.

The interactive ambassadorship map, was launched with 100 pins, showcasing polar scientists, guides, travellers and enthusiasts from around the world and what they have done in the name of Ambassadorship.

Lori Gross of IAATO’s Education and Outreach Working Group, said: “The map provides just a snapshot of what our ambassadors are doing around the world, having been moved to act by the location that unites us; the white continent.

“There are plenty of anecdotal accounts of ambassadorship, but the map is a way of sharing examples in a clear way so at-a-glance the viewer can get an idea about the kinds of people and activities that represent real, active ambassadorship.”

The map is the latest release in a series of resources released throughout 2022 as IAATO expands the Antarctic Ambassadors Project with materials to support individuals with their ambassadorship journeys.

Each ambassador is represented by a penguin-shaped pin on the map. When the pin is clicked, the ambassador’s photograph appears along with a profile detailing what they have done, or do, in the name of ambassadorship. Examples include carrying out trash pick-ups in local parks and beaches, giving talks to schools and community groups and engaging in citizen science projects South or at home.

Ambassadors can be added to the map by emailing their location (nearest town or city), photograph and a short profile on what makes them an ambassador to

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