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How IAATO Works

How IAATO Works

How IAATO Works


IAATO’s objectives are enshrined in Article II of the Association’s Bylaws. The membership is expected to operate within the inherent obligations outlined in these objectives.

While some objectives outline duties of the Secretariat (Sections A, B, F, G and H of Article II) others place a requirement on the membership in general or to certain categories of membership. It is important that all members (Members, Associates and Affiliates) are aware of, and understand, their particular obligations under the objectives. If you have any questions regarding these obligations, please feel free to ask the Secretariat.

Secretariat Contact

The IAATO Secretariat looks after the administrative and operational functions of the association.

Mailing address:

320 Thames Street, Suite 264
Newport, Rhode Island, 02840

Phone: +1-401-841-9700
Fax: +1-401-841-9704

Further information about staff and their roles can be found on our Secretariat page.

IAATO Committees and Working Groups

In this section:

  • Introduction
  • General Terms of Reference for All IAATO Committees
  • IAATO Committees
    • Executive Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Marine Committee
    • Bylaws Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Field Operations Committee
    • Compliance and Dispute Committee
    • Yacht Committee
    • Antarctic Gateway Committee
  • Working Groups
    • Managing for Growth
    • Climate Change
    • Associate
    • Deep Field & Air Operations
    • Ship Scheduling
    • Emperor Penguin
    • Education & Outreach
    • Ross Sea
    • Helicopter
    • Delegations

Liaisons with External Organizations


Part of IAATO’s role is to ensure that the Membership is represented effectively to the outside world. There are four main strands to this representation: