Respecting Antarctic Science & Heritage

  • Historical artefacts each tell their own storyRespect Antarctic Heritage. Antarctica's history is a fascinating tale of courage and exploration in an extreme environment, a legacy left in structures and artifacts. Please leave them untouched for future visitors to enjoy. Be careful not to damage, leave graffiti, remove or interfere with any historic sites or monuments.

    Everything that pre dates 1957-58 is considered a historic artifact in addition, a list of Antarctica's dedicated historic sites and monuments can be found at: of HSMs 2010_e.pdf.
  • Respect Antarctic Science. Research stations are busy places, often operating on limited resources. Always ask before visiting a station and follow station guidelines. In the field, you might come across markers or equipment for field research. Please leave them uninterrupted to avoid disturbing scientific effort or compromising their results.
  • Respect other visitors. To the extent possible, coordinate landings and manage activities to ensure a quality experience for all visitors in the vicinity. Those responsible for other visitors - including the masters or expedition leaders on cruise ships - are happy to discuss and coordinate landings and can usually be contacted on VHF channel 16. In Antarctica, everyone is a guest, and courtesy is the best policy.

Respect other visitors