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IAATO Yacht Services Providers:

EYOS Expeditions Ltd. specializes in providing expedition logistics and leadership services to the private yacht community and to the charter yacht market. We operate globally with an emphasis on remote coast destinations around the world, but have a strong orientation to the polar regions. Our services include all aspects of expedition cruising; organizing, planning and leading trips; providing specialist knowledge to owners and Captains, obtaining permits and permissions, managing a broad range of expedition activities. We have developed a reputation for innovative and enlightening expeditions that are conducted to the highest standards of safety and environmental care. Our expedition staff have decades of experience in Antarctica, yet still carry a passion for this most inspiring of continents.
Web Site: http://www.eyos-expeditions.com
E-mail: rob at eyos-expeditions dot com tim at eyos-expeditions dot com

High Latitudes Limited, a subsidiary of EYOS Expeditions Ltd., is a yacht expedition support, management and consultancy service specialising in the Antarctic, Arctic and other remote destinations. We provide the following services to owners of yachts wishing to explore the high latitudes: • Expedition planning, support and specialist crew/guide provision for private yachts visiting the high latitudes • Yacht management, skippering and crew provision • Project management of new yachts • Yacht specification and refit advice for high latitude cruising • High latitudes charters and trips The company has a wide range of experience based on many years spent exploring the world's more inaccessible places. Our current clients include owners looking to build and prepare their yachts for lifetime expeditions, super yacht skippers seeking new exciting destinations and those looking for a different approach to yacht management.
Web Site: http://www.highlatitudes.com
E-mail: info at highlatitudes dot com

Pelagic Expeditions provides a consultancy service to large yachts visiting high latitude regions, in addition to the company's charter operations on Pelagic Australis and Pelagic. Working with some of the first super yachts to visit Antarctica in the early 90's, Pelagic Expeditions has over the past 20 years prepared many super yachts for their voyages to the coast of Chile, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Georgia. Skip Novak's personal connections with the super yacht community is a natural extension of his ocean racing career and he is familiar with many of the owners of these vessels and the captains who manage them. On a fixed fee basis, the cost depending on the complexity of the cruise, Pelagic Expeditions can become the organizer of the cruise. This will facilitate permitting through the UK Foreign Office, provide an Expedition Leader/Field Guide, and an ice pilot if needed. With the 'EL' and captain an itinerary will be developed and a custom Field Operations Manual written including all the relevant information for a safe and an environmentally responsible cruise. Skip Novak also sits on the South Georgia Panel of Experts vetting and advising the SG government on private expeditions to the island. Visit the web site http://www.pelagic.co.uk and in the Services section you will find the Super Yacht Consultancy page with a list of previous vessels and services provided.
Web Site: http://www.pelagic.co.uk
E-mail: skipnovak at pelagic dot co dot uk

Waterproof Expeditions operates and manages yacht and small ship charters to the Antarctic and Arctic regions. It specializes in unique diving and photography experiences to some of the world's most remote and exotic destinations. From ice-diving in Antarctica's polar waters and underwater filming in the Canadian Arctic to snorkeling with sailfish in Mexico and swimming with sea lions and penguins in the Galapagos Islands. Or, for the expedition cruisers, there are luxury river cruises along the Amazon in Peru and the Sepik in Papua New Guinea. All Waterproof Expeditions' program feature expert guide ranging from renowned underwater photographers and wildlife cameramen to conservationists, explorers and naturalists.

Web Site: www.waterproof-expeditions.com
Email: info@waterproof-expeditions.com

IAATO Yacht Operators:

Golden Fleece Expeditions Ltd. specializes in boat-based expeditions and adventure tourism in the Falklands Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, Cape Horn and Antarctic Peninsula region, and operates from the Falkland Islands with two vessels, the 51 foot steel schooner "Damien II" and the 68 foot steel schooner "Golden Fleece". Both vessels are steel-hulled auxiliary schooners, fitted for carrying private and commercial expeditions in comfort and safety to remote locations. They have provided logistical support for numerous research programs, film productions and private cruises in the Southern Ocean, working under charter contract to organizations such as the British Antarctic Survey, Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, BBC TV Natural History Unit, National Geographic and other film and TV companies. With spacious and comfortable accommodations for up to 8 passengers and 3 crew, Golden Fleece is an ideally equipped base for wilderness leisure cruises, photographic expeditions, exploration in remote areas, coastal and marine wildlife surveys, oceanographic research, whale watching, cinema and television crews, trekking, mountaineering, surfing, diving, kayaking and skiing expeditions.
Web Site: http://www.goldenfleecexp.co.fk/
E-mail: golden dot fleeceltd at yahoo dot com

Hanse Explorer GmbH and Co. KG: MY HANSE EXPLORER is one of the very few yachts today that really deserve the name "Exploration Yacht". HANSE EXPLORER is a purpose built steel motor yacht with highest commercial ice class (Finnish ice class A1, GL ice class E3). MY HANSE EXPLORER has in only four years on the charter market done remarkable cruises - three seasons in the high Arctic, three seasons in the Antarctic, a North West Passage and several scientific dive charters to the most remote islands in the Pacific. The ship has been several times south of the polar circle and up to 82 degrees north latitude. HANSE EXPLORER is owned by the German ship-owner Peter Harren who owns himself over 50 ships. The yacht is operated by Harren & Partner Ship Management, Mr. Harren''s own ship management company. HANSE EXPLORER is thus backed by highly professional ship management and the ship adheres to all known international safety and management standards. MY HANSE EXPLORER is available for charter only!
Web Site: www.hanse-explorer.de
E-mail: HanseExplorer@hp-shipping.de

Kotick Charters Ltd., an Antigua registered company, owns Kotick, a 52ft sloop, built in France in 1976 (Damien II series). It has a steel hull equipped with a retractable keel and rudder and offers accommodations for 5 persons + 2 crew. This yacht has been chartering in the Southern Ocean since 1988 and in Greenland since 1998, where the crew has developed a large field expertise during those numerous seasons. Destinations range from Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego to the Antarctic peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland islands, the coasts and channels of Patagonia and in the Northern hemisphere: west coast of Greenland, Baffin island east coast, Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Trips usually focus on wild life and nature but we have also taken charge of the logistics in mountaineering expeditions in South Georgia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, film teams working on wildlife with divers (Antarctica), and finally trekking expeditions (Tierra del Fuego). Since the beginning all those trips to the most remote parts of the earth, have been performed with the concern of nature and environment knowledge and protection. Having the persons onboard feeling deeply involved in this, at the end the trip, will be one our major satisfactions. To realise safely those trips, the boat is equipped with the standard safety equipments, plus survival suits for every person onboard and a satellite distress beacon. Communication includes: VHF +2 handies, SSB radio, INMARSAT .C station, IRIDIUM satellite phone and 2 computers, to comply with today's standards.
Web Site: http://www.kotick.net
E-mail: koticaradec at hotmail dot com

Latitude Oceane: Company information coming soon.
E-mail: info at vaihere dot com

Le Sourire Expeditions: Company information coming soon.
Web Site: http://lesourire-expeditions.com/
E-mail: lesourirecontact at hotmail dot com

Ocean Expeditions offers safe, comfortable and flexible travel for small groups of people to remote regions on "Australis", fully equipped 22metre [75 foot] steel hulled motor yacht, owned and skippered by Australian, Roger Wallis. For 20 years Roger owned and operated a fishing trawler in Bass Strait, Victoria, Australia. Since he was 15 years old, he has owned numerous ocean-going sailing vessels - "AUSTRALIS" is the fourth ocean going cruising yacht that has been specially purchased and fitted out for adventure sailing and expedition support for polar and global operations. "AUSTRALIS", with its aft wheelhouse, is set up for luxury cruising and is fully equipped to support expeditions, film crews, mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders, artists, birdwatchers, divers and adventurers of all types. She is also perfect for more laid-back sailing cruises. She carries a comprehensive range of safety, operational and navigational equipment. An 180hp Gardner diesel engine powers the vessel and she is equipped with 2 zodiac tenders with outboards. She sails beautifully and her powerful engine pushes her along at 9+ knots. In addition to all the luxuries of a spacious, well appointed cruising vessel, she has large storage areas for equipment and a workshop. She carries 10 passengers and 2 crew. Past clients that have traveled on numerous voyages to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia Island, the Falklands, Cape Horn and in the Chilean Channels/Tierra Del Fuego with Roger, include the Australian Antarctic Division, mountain and ski guides from Australia, the USA and NZ, wildlife enthusiasts, scientists and researchers, film crews from various countries, sea kayak expeditioners, environmentalists, commercial photographers and dozens of individuals who have joined him for wilderness leisure cruising - many return to experience another "once in a life time" adventure!
Web Site: http://www.ocean-expeditions.com
E-mail: roger at ocean-expeditions dot com

Paradise Adventures organizes and operates trips to remote countries, including Antarctica & South Georgia, aboard the yacht SY Paradise. The vessel, which is registered in France, is a fully equipped 19.6 meter [66 foot] aluminum sloop with accommodations for up to eight guests. The company has operated in Polar regions – Patagonia, Antarctica, Greenland and Svalbard – for a dozen years, with trips focused on wildlife viewing, skiing, scientific research, filming and other polar activities. The vessel is equipped with a range of navigation, safety and communications equipment, and is powered by a 160HP Perkins engine.
Blog: http://www.expeditionsparadise.blogspot.com/
E-mail: paradise.expeditions@gmail.com

Pelagic Expeditions LTD markets and manages the original 54 foot Pelagic built in 1987 and the more recent 74 foot Pelagic Australis. Both boats are heavy duty lifting keel and rudder designs that offer comfortable accommodation for either tourists as well as providing logistic support for mountaineers, skiers, divers and documentary film makers. After two seasons on private expeditions in the far south, Skip Novak decided to begin chartering Pelagic in 1990 and was one of a handful of the pioneers of the area who began to operate small sailing vessels commercially. Still very much in service, the original Pelagic only runs whole boat charters and caters mainly to mountaineers and other set groups. She can take up to 6 guests and sails with two professional crew. In 2003, Pelagic Australis, was launched as the only purpose built expedition sailing vessel that currently exists in the south. Bigger volume, faster (she motors at 9.5 and can sail at 11 to 12 knots) and fully internet capable, she is built from aluminium. Certified by DNV in Norway (Det Norske Veritas), she also carries a RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) certificate - CE marking and a UK MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) certificate for carrying up to 12 commercial passengers. She is British flagged and obtains her Antarctic Permit from the Antarctic division of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Generally, she sails with eight exclusive tourist guests or up to ten expedition members with three professional crew. Pelagic Expeditions has a fully operational on shore office managed by Skip Novak and an assistant so communications and contractual arrangements with clients are efficient. Cruising and expedition venues include the Antarctic Peninsula, the island of South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn, and also the coasts of Argentina and Chile. Pelagic Australis also has two seasons experience in the far north having visited Spitsbergen, Greenland and Arctic Canada, and is available with long term planning for northern voyages on a custom, full season basis. Pelagic Expeditions was the first sailing vessel to join IAATO in 1997.
Web Site: http://www.pelagic.co.uk
E-mail: skipnovak at pelagic dot co dot uk

Quixote Expeditions is an expeditionary sailing company that leads trips in the Southern Ocean. The vessels focus primarily on the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia's, Beagle Channel, and Falkland Islands. The operate 2 sailing vessels. Ocean Tramp is a 66 feet ketch rigged sailboat, with 5 cabins. She very comfortably can carry 8/10 guest plus two crew members. She is a very fast sailboat thanks to her long length, making for a short passage the sailing across the Drake. She is ideal for photographers, hikers, divers, scientists and all sort of expeditions that need a large capacity vessel with plenty of storage as well as the needed comfort when living on a sailboat for longer periods of time. Quixote is a 44 LOA cutter rig sailboat. She is safe and versatile and able to carry comfortably up to 4 guest and 2 crew, in 3 double cabins. She has two heads with hot showers and a beautiful pilot house. She is the perfect sailboat for a couple or a family with two children ready for something different, enjoying a premium service. In addition to planned trips, they also run trips for scientific and mountaineering and film expeditions. Even when not on a scientific trip, there is always a bunk reserved for a scientist. Science work and science education is a core value that is incorporated into every trip.
Web Site: http://www.quixote-expeditions.com/
E-mail: info at quixote-expeditions dot com

Sea and Ice and Mountains Expeditions: Company information coming soon.
Web Site: http://www.simexpeditions.com
E-mail: base at simexpeditions dot com

Selma Expeditions is the owner of the S/V Selma and have sailed to Iceland Spitsbergen, the Antarctic Peninsula and have circumnavigated South America. S/V Selma is equipped with the specific intention of organising trips in regions which are difficult to reach in a more conventional way and carries up to 12 passengers and crew. The design of the boat and her equipment permit us to organize voyages for groups with differing interests.
Web Site: http://www.selmaexpeditions.com
E-mail: info at selmaexpeditions dot com

Spirit of Sydney Expeditions Pty Ltd offers yacht based expedition support to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falkland Islands and Tierra del Fuego aboard the 60ft aluminum sailing vessel Spirit of Sydney with an emphasis on true sailing ability and minimal use of fossil fuels in this environmentally sensitive area. Spirit, has and will continue to support expeditions for mountaineers, scuba divers, wildlife enthusiasts, film crews, professional photographers, sea- kayakers And scientific research. Past clients on Spirit of Sydney have been Scientists from round the world including Australian Antarctic Division, Oregon State University Marine mammals Institute (tagging humpback Whales), University of British Columbia, University of Vancouver, University of Victoria, (Orca study) mountaineering, diving, Kayaking expeditions including the JRME kayaking from Hope bay to the Antarctic circle, National Geographic photographers many documentaries twice with Animal Planet. Also the delivery of 4.5 tons of equipment to Commonwealth Bay for a 12month stay in gadget hut. Repeating this 2 more times. Spirit of Sydney has also sailed to the magnetic South Pole. Spirit of Sydney has sailed in the southern ocean, every year since 1994, including 8 trips to Commonwealth Bay. She was designed and built to sail in the southern ocean by Australia's America's Cup winning Ben Lexcen, Spirit is an efficient "real" sailing boat capable of surfing the southern ocean rollers, or sailing off a lee shore in a gale. She is also powered with a very capable 110hp turbo diesel engine and equipped with "state of the art" weather forecasting, communications and comprehensive safety gear, which includes 5 watertight bulkheads and Category 0 ocean racing safety equipment. Immersion suits are carried for all persons on board, and the yacht has the ability to track the personal epirbs carried by all crew. She offers a reasonable level of comfort, with heated interior, water maker and hot showers... however the emphasis is on safety adventure and hands on experience.
Web Site: http://www.spiritofsydney.net
E-mail: darrelday at spiritofsydney dot net

Stoney Creek Shipping Co. Ltd. are owners/operators of the 36-metre MV Braveheart. MV Braveheart is a New Zealand owned and operated vessel crewed by New Zealand Nationals. Stoney Creek Shipping organizes and operates charters and resupply expeditions to environmentally sensitive southern latitude and sub-Antarctic islands, and also the Antarctic Peninsula and Ross Sea regions of Antarctica. MV Braveheart also services the Kermadec Islands for the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC) and Pitcairn Island for the British Government. The owners of MV Braveheart have also been involved with the Raoul and Maccauley Island rat eradication programmes carried out by the NZ Department of Conservation.
Web Site: http://www.braveheart.pn
E-mail: njolly at ihug dot co dot nz

Voile Australe: The SY Podorange provides an ideal logistical base for any project or expedition in the Southern Seas dealing with research and the sciences, filmmaking or audiovisual projects, sports or leisure activities.
Web Site: http://www.voile-australe.com
E-Mail: contact at voile-australe dot com

Xplore Expeditions offers sailing adventures "for people with dreams." Enjoy an unforgettable voyage amidst unspoiled natural beauty, with a focus on extraordinary destinations in the Antarctic Peninsula, high latitude sub-Antarctic islands, remote islands of the Atlantic and Pacific, and the west coast of Chile. Guests are invited to book from pre-scheduled trips, or customize charters, aboard the flagship Xplore - a 67-foot cutter-rigged sloop specifically designed and built for the extreme conditions of the Southern Ocean. Xplore carries up to 12 passengers and crew, and can venture into remote anchorages large ships cannot. Both a fast heavy-weather sailing yacht, and a powerful motoring vessel, she has generous fuel and water tanks, heat and hot water systems, and a full galley - making her both comfortable and self-sufficient on long-range trips. A three-week sail goes from Puerto Williams, Chile to the Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. A two-week tour traverses the Strait of Magellan, around the legendary Cape Horn. Trips take place in the Austral summer when temperatures are pleasant and periods of clear, fine weather are common. "Unlike many package holidays that are precise and contrived - like going to a theme park, where the same ride does the same routine over and over again - where we go, it is always an adventure," says Skipper and Expedition Leader Stephen Wilkins. Various expeditions spotlight the ice formations; unexplored coastlines; native birds, marine and wildlife; and cultural, geographic, and historical attractions. Other trips concentrate on photography; support for land excursions; or sail training and education for Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certification. A full programme is available on the website.
Web Site: http://www.xplore-expeditions.com
E-mail: stephenwilkins at hotmail dot com