Guidelines and Resources

Whether you are a traveler considering a trip to Antarctica, a travel agent or someone just interested in Antarctic tourism, the links on this page provide a wealth of useful and current information.

Prospective visitors to Antarctica will want to visit the Visitor Guidelines, available in multiple languages, as well as Don't Pack a Pest, providing valuable information about things travelers can do to eliminate the potential for introducing non-native species.

Please view IAATO's Mandatory Briefing, which is shown to all visitors and crew before arrival in Antarctica, and also the short briefing films to support this, available with subtitles in several different languages. 

If you are a marketing, sales or PR specialist please view IAATO's 'Marketing Antarctica' guidelines for developing content that aligns with IAATO and Antarctic Treaty System requirements for visiting safely and responsibly. IAATO itself does not promote travel to Antarctica. These are available in multiple languages. Please contact IAATO for more information. 

Visiting Antarctica is a great priviledge - help us keep the continent pristine and create ambassadors for its contined protection. 

If you are seeking IAATO's tourism statistics, please contact (Members, please log in). We are in the process of redeveloping our website, which includes investing in improving IAATO's database, data visualisation and dissemination.