Visitor Briefings

Mandatory and advisory briefing videos to help visitors prepare for Antarctica. Covering shore visits, cruise only and deep field expeditions.

Mandatory Briefing Slideshow For Visitors

Download as a video here (mp.4 format)

IAATO Briefing Videos

The following three-minute briefing films are shown in conjunction with the Mandatory Briefing, ‘Visitors’ Guide to the Antarctic‘ to highlight actions all visitors must take to make their visit safe and environmentally responsible in order to safeguard Antarctica for future generations.

Three briefing films are available:

Going Ashore for visitors travelling on ships or yachts who will make landings in Antarctica and surrounding islands;

Cruise Visitors for those experiencing the wonders of Antarctica from a ship that does not include landings in its itinerary;

Deep Field and Fly-In Visitors for those flying either into the interior of the Antarctic continent or to a location on the Antarctic Peninsula where they will immediately board a ship for further exploration of the Peninsula area and surrounding islands.

Going Ashore in Antarctica - IAATO Briefing Film

Cruise only visits to Antarctica - IAATO Briefing Film

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