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Our People

The IAATO team is comprised of the Secretariat, the Executive Committee, 10 Committees and eight Working Groups. Read more about who we are below.


Gina Greer

Executive Director

Gina joined IAATO in April of 2020 after pursuing a Master of Arts in Marine Conservation & Policy at Stony Brook University, School of Marine & Atmosphere Sciences.  Prior to this, she was a partner at global business advisory and consulting firm, Deloitte, where she focused on interpreting regulatory and business issues, identifying challenges and developing operational strategies to address them.

Joining IAATO at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, her immediate focus was on navigating the challenges presented to the industry due to the global pandemic and later fortifying the association through the development and implementation of a new strategic plan as the industry emerged from the global pandemic, and tourism growth continued. This five-year strategy focuses on the role of IAATO Operators as stewards of Antarctica, through active monitoring, support of scientific research, resource management and long-term sustainability.

Gina lives in New Jersey and volunteers with Gotham Whale, an organization that monitors the marine mammals in the New York/New Jersey area.

Lisa Kelley

Director of Operations & Government Affairs; Deputy Executive Director

Lisa joined IAATO in 2016 and is responsible for the field operations aspect of IAATO, developing industry best practice and guidelines for field operations.

Lisa began working aboard expedition ships in 2000. Most at home in the polar regions, she has worked as undersea specialist, logistics coordinator, divemaster and expedition leader in the Arctic and the Antarctic. She was also the station manager at Palmer Station for the United States Antarctic Program during the austral winter of 2010. Passionate about the future of polar tourism, Lisa began representing operators in 2004 at the annual IAATO conferences, sits on the IAATO Field Operations Committee, and contributes to AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators). Additionally, Lisa is a member of the board for FOSGI (Friends of South Georgia Island). Her passion and commitment to safe and environmentally friendly travel lead her to the position IAATO Head of Operations.

Lisa’s vast experience of diving “the Ice” led to her publishing Below Freezing: The Antarctic Dive Guide in 2006, now in its third edition. Her underwater experience and exploration of the Polar Regions led to her acceptance into the Explorers Club.

Janeen Haase

Director of Governance & Finance

Janeen joined IAATO in 2013 and is responsible for IAATO’s corporate governance and administration, which includes ensuring the association is proactive against and protected from any potential anti-trust violations and liability issues, as well as ensuring human resources and benefits compliance. In addition, she oversees IAATO annual meeting planning and manages the association’s Mandatory Observation Program, finances and budgets and the membership application process.

Prior to joining IAATO, Janeen worked as a senior program manager in International Development for Global Health and Global Literacy NGOs and trade associations in Washington, DC for 10 years. She managed high-level projects for international donors, including: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The Hewlett Foundation, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ChildFund, and several Ministries of Education. She was fortunate to travel extensively in her work, including many countries in the developing world.

Janeen has lived and worked overseas in Germany and France and speaks both languages. She grew up in Rhode Island on the water with a father who was an old salty sailor, and had a choice – love to sail or stay home. She chose to love sailing!

Amanda Lynnes

Director of Environment & Science Coordination

Amanda’s role is to support IAATO in meeting environmental obligations arising from its mission, the Antarctic Treaty System and other international agreements. This includes coordinating research and monitoring efforts and citizen science.

Her Antarctic career began in 1996 with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) as a penguin biologist and field assistant for the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). She established long-term seabird monitoring projects at Signy Island, South Orkney Islands, and at Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula. Her research involved studying the foraging behaviour of Adelie and chinstrap penguins, the findings of which fed into the development of the first CCAMLR Marine Protected Area in Antarctica.

Amanda’s passion for communicating Antarctic issues and science led her to a position as press officer in the award-winning Press, Public Relations and Education Department at BAS and a project coordinator for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Outside of the Antarctic community, she has worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) at busy tourist destinations in the Peak District National Park, UK.

She was first introduced to IAATO in 2002 while working at Port Lockroy. Impressed by IAATO’s ethos, core values and potential for creating Antarctic ambassadors, she went on to work for an IAATO member operator and eventually the Secretariat in 2013. Her experiences have led her to appreciate the value of polar tourism when it is expertly managed. She believes protecting our wild places depends on giving people opportunities to learn while exploring them first hand. Amanda lives with her family in the English Lake District.

Hayley Collings

Director of Communications

A former local newspaper journalist, Hayley moved into communications and PR as a UK police press officer in 2010, supporting Hampshire Constabulary’s road traffic, major incident, and serious and organised crime teams. She then joined the Association of Chief Police Officers (now NPCC) where she became Acting Director of Communications; managing crisis and reputation issues within the UK Police Service and working with 10 Downing Street, The Home Office, COBRA and 44 police forces across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and an advocate for ethical practice and transparency, Hayley joined IAATO in October 2017 to support and strengthen the Association’s mission of promoting the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.

Hayley loves travel, music and being outdoors, and has hiked several long distance trails across the UK. She and her family live in Sheffield, England.

Erin Delaney

Operations Administration Manager

Erin graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2016 with a Bachelors degree in Travel and Tourism. She spent time during college working in various parts of the tourism industry including working at TF Greene Airport in Rhode Island and planning and executing a trip to Peru.

Before joining IAATO’s Operations team in July 2018, Erin worked for Whole Foods Market, which really brought out her passion for sustainability and learning about working for a company that promotes sustainability on different levels with stores, suppliers and the community.

IAATO perfectly combines Erin’s passion for tourism with sustainability, as well as enabling her to be a part of protecting the Antarctic environment.

When she isn’t at her desk, you can find Erin exploring her home state of Maine – hiking, biking, or walking the beach with her dog.

Colleen Sweeney


Colleen came to IAATO from the precious metal jewelry manufacturing industry in March 2019 and oversees the financial record keeping of the Association.  Educated at The Community College of Rhode Island and Bryant College, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and qualifications in computer programming.

Before diving into the world of responsible polar travel, Colleen saw how conscientious jewelry manufacturers worked together to develop standard practices; recycling and refining precious metal material, treating waste water and air emissions before dispersing them back into the environment; a post which gave her an understanding about how industry collaboration and safe and responsible practices can support the environment.

Colleen grew up in Rhode Island where she continues to live today.  She spends her free time with friends and family and keeping up with five nieces and nephews. She loves the mountains of New Hampshire, the beaches of Rhode Island and the rich history and cultural diversity of the state’s cities.

Jill Niederberger

Operations Manager

Jill began working aboard expedition ships in 2017 in the Pacific and Southern Oceans. For multiple IAATO Operators, she has worked as marine biologist, expedition diver, assistant expedition leader, and expedition leader.

Before working on expedition ships, Jill worked in ecotourism for five years as a naturalist, captain, divemaster, and cetacean researcher. Originally focused on North Pacific humpback whales, her interests have now expanded to global health and populations of blue whales.

Joining the IAATO Operations Team in 2023 has perfectly combined her background in expedition travel with her desire to create sustainable and lasting change to protect the Antarctic environment with responsible and educational tourism.

Jill lives in California and enjoys spending time on and in the water paddleboarding, SCUBA diving, and working on her blue whale research in her off time.

Liz Gutzler

Events Manager

Liz joined IAATO, as Events Manager, in December 2022. Prior to joining, she lived in United Arab Emirates (UAE) where she supervised the events and community relations office at the US Consulate General, Dubai. She also spent a few years in Berlin, Germany where the influence of the local culture helped grow her interest in international experiences, love of travel, and awareness of sustainability. Liz’s professional experience in combination having lived in multiple US States and on several continents increased her interest in working for IAATO as an international organisation promoting safe and environmentally responsible travel – ideals that resonate with her.

Passionate about health and wellness, Liz enjoys spending time outdoors, especially with family and friends. As a native New Englander, Liz is enjoying getting back to her roots as she now lives in Rhode Island with her family.

Allison Kean

Development & Policy Senior Manager

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, Allison’s career has taken her around the world leading groups as a tour guide, managing programming for non-profit organisations in South and Central America and overseeing expedition operations in the polar regions.

Before joining IAATO, Allison spent two years in the South Atlantic as the Head of Tourism for the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI). There she was responsible for managing visitor travel to the region, ensuring compliance, and integrating Government policies on immigration, permitting and protection into the visitor journey. Prior to working for GSGSSI, Allison spent six years working in the polar tourism industry managing permitting, expedition and vessel logistics, and sustainability programming.

Allison is an avid outdoorswoman who gets outside whenever she can to camp, hike or canoe. If she’s not adventuring outside or travelling, you’ll probably find her curled up in a corner cross-stitching.

Stella Giangarra

Assistant Operations Manager

Stella is a graduate of Stony Brook University, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, having completed her Master’s degree in Marine Conservation and Policy.

Combining her passion for the ocean, environment, and educating others, Stella joined IAATO’s Operations Team in September 2022.

Stella grew up on Long Island and frequently went on boat trips with her family, which sparked her passion for marine life. In her free time, you can find her at the dog park with her dog, Zeus, volunteering for beach clean-ups, or on the water with her family.

Hayley Santos Fier

Communications & Environment Assistant

Before joining the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) as an intern in January 2023, Hayley spent was interning at zoos and aquariums, learning about husbandry for animals in human care and educating the public about conservation. 

She graduated from Tulane University in 2022 with a B.S. in Environmental Biology and Anthropology, going on to achieve my Master’s degree in Marine Conservation and Policy at Stony Brook University.

As IAATO’s Communications and Environment Assistant Hayley works to create Antarctic Ambassadors from the vast number of people moved to act for Antarctica, as well as protecting the wild counterparts of the animals she loved caring for by supporting IAATO’s mission of advocating and promoting the practice of safe and environmentally responsible tourism.

Hayley lives in Virginia with her fiancé.

Alfred Speredelozzi

Website Manager

Alfred joined IAATO in 2024 as the Website Manager.  Previously manager of computing services in the College of Engineering at the University of Rhode Island, Alfred supervised a crew of student engineers who oversaw all college computer labs, five computer classrooms and three server clusters.  Previously, he was the developer of the university’s admission application.

Before moving to Rhode Island in 2003, Alfred worked as a web developer in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy.  He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and from the University of Michigan with an MS in Information (Human Computer Interaction).

Alfred enjoys building custom models using LEGO bricks. You might find him displaying throughout New England with his LEGO fan group, the New England Lego Users Group.

Executive Committee

John McKeon

Committee Chair

John has been involved in responsible Antarctic travel since 2004 and an active member of IAATO since 2010. He joined the Membership Committee in 2014 and served as chair from 2017 to 2021 when he was elected to IAATO’s Executive Committee. John was appointed Executive Committee Chair at IAATO’s 2024 annual meeting in Annapolis, Maryland. He has also served on the Tourism Growth Working Group. He is the President/CEO of IAATO Member Operator Polar Latitudes.

Deciding long ago that what you love and what you do should be the same, John has been working in the adventure travel world for over three decades.  Starting out in North American and European bicycle touring before moving into a career in the safari world and, for the last two decades, in responsible polar tourism.

John believes that leading safe and environmentally responsible expeditions to Antarctica can create ambassadors who will champion its continued protection when they return home.

Diana Galimberti

Committee Member

Diana joined IAATO Operator Antarctica21 in 2005 but was connected with Antarctica much earlier, since leaving Italy and cross the Atlantic Ocean towards Patagonia. Driven by curiosity and passion for exploration of remote sites and new projects, in the early 90s she had the chance to be involved when the first Russian ships reached Ushuaia and to cooperate with the new government of Tierra del Fuego in designing a strategy aimed at developing the southernmost city as an international Antarctic gateway.

Diana had the privilege to experience her Antarctic connection from a scientific perspective by serving the Italian Antarctic project within a program of the European Space Agency for ozone research in middle and high latitudes.

Since 2005, she has been growing with Antarctica21 where she is now EVP Operations and Product.

Diana has been active in several IAATO committees and working groups. She participated in the foundation of the Antarctic Gateway committee where she has served as co-chair from 2018. With her election to the Executive Committee in 2022, Diana looks forward to sharing her long-lasting commitment in protecting the values and the reputation of the industry while dealing with the multiple challenges that the Antarctic tourism growth is expected to take along in the coming years, with the same commitment and passion as in early days.

Sibrand Hassing

Committee Member

Sibrand Hassing is Director, Fleet Operations Europe for the Holland America Line (HAL). As well as a decade as a Master Mariner,  including operating in ice covered waters off the Baltic and St. Lawrence, Sibrand worked for 21.5 years for the Dutch Maritime Authorities as senior policy adviser on cargo safety, port state control, ISM Code, STCW/safe manning, Polar Code and Climate Change. Furthermore, I was a lead-auditor of IMO’s Member State Audit Scheme.

In 2013 Sibrand joined HAL, later representing the Operator at IAATO meetings as well as participating in several IAATO Committees.  He has also served on the IAATO delegation at IMO meetings. He joined the IAATO Executive Committee in April 2022.

Brandon Harvey

Committee Member

Brandon has been involved in Antarctic tourism since 2003 when he joined his first expedition as an adventure guide. Working full time on expedition vessels for the better part of a decade, 

Since 2011, Brandon has been directing operations for tourism companies operating in British Columbia, Alaska, Antarctica, and the Arctic.  In 2014 Brandon joined IAATO as a member representative and has served on multiple committees and working groups. In these roles, he has championed the development of polar guide qualifications and implemented one of the first dedicated passenger-lead citizen science programs. He joined Quark Expeditions as Senior Director of Expedition Operations in January 2024, with multiple vessels focused on polar operations. 

Brandon believes that by experiencing the awe of Antarctica first-hand and with passionate and competent guides sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge of the region, Antarctic ambassadors can be created among guests.

Brandon’s career has only served his passion for photography and videography, with multiple credits to his name. In addition, Brandon’s expertise as a marine ecologist and environmental scientist is supported by a Master of Science in Environmental Practice.

Jørn Henriksen

Committee Member

Jørn, a native of Arctic Norway, developed an early fascination with the great outdoors. His professional journey in the realm of expeditions began 25 years ago in the high north archipelago of Svalbard. His initial endeavors included leading hiking trips, glacier traverses, and ski mountaineering and leading polar expeditions from expedition vessels.

As an Expedition Leader, Jørn is characterised by his enthusiasm and curiosity. His educational background in Outdoor Leadership from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences is complemented by a degree in International Politics from the Arctic University.

In addition to a decade of experience in field and on-board expedition leading, Jørn has made significant contributions to the field. He is the author of the Norwegian Polar Institute Cruise handbook to Svalbard. He has also been instrumental in enhancing the industry standards of expedition cruising, serving as a member of the executive committee of IAATO and as Chair of the Executive Committee of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO). Over the past 15 years, he has managed complex expedition operations from various management positions.

In Viking, he was the first fully dedicated resource to develop and start the operations of the Viking Expedition Ships, Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris.

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