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Our People

The IAATO team is comprised of the Secretariat and the Executive Committee. Read more about who we are below.


Janeen Haase

Director of Governance & Finance

Janeen joined IAATO in 2013 and is responsible for IAATO’s corporate governance and administration, which includes ensuring the association is proactive against and protected from any potential anti-trust violations and liability issues, as well as ensuring human resources and benefits compliance. In addition, she manages the association’s finances and budgets and the membership application process.

Prior to joining IAATO, Janeen worked as a senior program manager in International Development for Global Health and Global Literacy NGOs and trade associations in Washington, DC for 10 years. In this capacity, she managed high-level projects for international donors some of which include: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The Hewlett Foundation, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ChildFund, and several Ministries of Education. She was fortunate to travel extensively in her work, including many countries in the developing world.

Janeen has lived and worked overseas in Germany and France and speaks both languages. She grew up in Rhode Island on the water with a father who was an old salty sailor and had a choice, love to sail or stay home. She chose to love sailing!

Gina Greer

Executive Director

Previously a partner at global business advisory and consulting firm, Deloitte, Gina brings to IAATO more than 20 years of experience interpreting regulatory and business issues, identifying challenges and developing operational strategies to address them; qualities which will benefit IAATO as it continues to manage the challenges ahead.

A recent graduate of Stony Brook University, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences where she obtained a Master of Arts in Marine Conservation and Policy, Gina is also a research associate at Gotham Whale, coordinating with organizations that maintain humpback whale fluke catalogs on the east coast of the United States to further develop understanding of migration behaviors. In addition, she volunteers at Atlantic Marine Conservation Society.

She is based at IAATO’s offices in Rhode Island, US.

Lisa Kelley

Director of Operations & Government Affairs; Deputy Executive Director

Lisa joined IAATO in 2016 and is responsible for the field operations aspect of IAATO, developing industry best practice and guidelines for field operations.

Lisa began working aboard expedition ships in 2000. Most at home in the polar regions, she has worked as undersea specialist, logistics coordinator, divemaster and expedition leader in the Arctic and the Antarctic. She was also the station manager at Palmer Station for the United States Antarctic Program during the austral winter of 2010. Passionate about the future of polar tourism, Lisa began representing operators in 2004 at the annual IAATO conferences, sits on the IAATO Field Operations Committee, and contributes to AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators). Additionally, Lisa is a member of the board for FOSGI (Friends of South Georgia Island). Her passion and commitment to safe and environmentally friendly travel lead her to the position IAATO Head of Operations.

Lisa’s vast experience of diving “the Ice” led to her publishing Below Freezing: The Antarctic Dive Guide in 2006, now in its third edition. Her underwater experience and exploration of the Polar Regions led to her acceptance into the Explorers Club.

Amanda Lynnes

Director of Environment & Science Coordination

Amanda’s role is to support IAATO in meeting environmental obligations arising from its mission, the Antarctic Treaty System and other international agreements. This includes coordinating research and monitoring efforts and citizen science.

Her Antarctic career began in 1996 with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) as a penguin biologist and field assistant for the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). She established long-term seabird monitoring projects at Signy Island, South Orkney Islands, and at Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula. Her research involved studying the foraging behaviour of Adelie and chinstrap penguins, the findings of which fed into the development of the first CCAMLR Marine Protected Area in Antarctica.

Amanda’s passion for communicating Antarctic issues and science led her to a position as press officer in the award-winning Press, Public Relations and Education Department at BAS and a project coordinator for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Outside of the Antarctic community, she has worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) at busy tourist destinations in the Peak District National Park, UK.

She was first introduced to IAATO in 2002 while working at Port Lockroy. Impressed by IAATO’s ethos, core values and potential for creating Antarctic ambassadors, she went on to work for an IAATO member operator and eventually the Secretariat in 2013. Her experiences have led her to appreciate the value of polar tourism when it is expertly managed. She believes protecting our wild places depends on giving people opportunities to learn while exploring them first hand. Amanda lives with her family in the English Lake District.

Hayley Collings

Communications & Engagement Manager

Hayley joined IAATO in October 2017 and manages the Secretariat’s  communications and engagement.

A former newspaper journalist, Hayley moved into communications and PR in 2010, supporting Hampshire Constabulary’s road traffic, major incident, and serious and organised crime teams, before moving to London where she became Acting Director of Communications for the Association of Chief Police Officers; managing crisis and reputational issues within the UK Police Service and working with 10 Downing Street, The Home Office, COBRA and 44 police forces across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and an advocate for ethical practice and transparency, Hayley joined IAATO to support and strengthen the Association’s mission and vision of facilitating appropriate, safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.

Hayley and her family live in the Peak District National Park in West Yorkshire, UK.

Erin Delaney

Operations Administration Manager

Erin went to school at Johnson and Wales University graduating with a Bachelor’s in Travel and Tourism. She spent time during college working in various parts of tourism including working at TF Greene Airport in Rhode Island and planning a trip to Peru.

Before joining IAATO in July 2018 as Operations Assistant, Erin worked for Whole Foods Market, which really brought out her passion for sustainability and learning about working for a company that promotes sustainability on different levels with stores, suppliers and the community.

IAATO perfectly combines Erin’s passion for tourism with sustainability, as well as enabling her to be a part of protecting the Antarctic environment.

When she isn’t in the office, Erin loves spending time outdoors, hiking, walking, biking, and fishing especially in New Hampshire where her family lives.

Colleen Sweeney


Colleen came to IAATO from the precious metal jewelry manufacturing industry in March 2019 and oversees the financial record keeping of the Association.  Educated at The Community College of Rhode Island and Bryant College, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and qualifications in computer programming.

Before diving into the world of responsible polar travel, Colleen saw how conscientious jewelry manufacturers worked together to develop standard practices; recycling and refining precious metal material, treating waste water and air emissions before dispersing them back into the environment; a post which gave her an understanding about how industry collaboration and safe and responsible practices can support the environment.

Colleen grew up in Rhode Island where she continues to live today.  She spends her free time with friends and family and keeping up with five nieces and nephews. She loves the mountains of New Hampshire, the beaches of Rhode Island and the rich history and cultural diversity of the state’s cities.

Executive Committee

Steve Wellmeier

Committee Member

Steve Wellmeier is the managing director of Poseidon Expeditions USA, based in Providence, Rhode Island. He’s been active in marketing, promotion and public affairs in the small ship segment of the cruise industry since the mid-1980s and polar-related expedition cruising since 1997. He was the executive director or co-director of IAATO from 2008-2013, managing the organization during the challenging years following the Great Recession and the sinking of the Explorer in Antarctica in November 2007.

Following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, Steve served as public affairs liaison with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and grants administrator with the Empire State Development Corporation, assisting hundreds of businesses rebuild in lower Manhattan.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Steve holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati, where he co-designed and taught a writing course: The Art of Contemporary Persuasion. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and studied in the MBA program at Saint Louis University. He is a firm believer in the value of a strong liberal arts education and what this brings to the business world. His passion for Antarctica rests on his conviction that sustainable commercial tourism is a vital element in the long-term preservation of this remarkable polar ecosystem.

John McKeon

Committee Member

John has been involved in responsible Antarctic travel since 2004 and an active member of IAATO since 2010. He joined the Membership Committee in 2014 and serving as chair from 2017 to 2021 when he was elected to IAATO’s Executive Committee. John has also served on the Tourism Growth Working Group. He is the President/CEO of IAATO Member Operator Polar Latitudes.

Deciding long ago that what you love and what you do should be the same, John has been working in the adventure travel world for over three decades.  Starting out in North American and European bicycle touring before moving into a career in the safari world and, for the last two decades, in responsible polar tourism.

John believes that leading safe and environmentally responsible expeditions to Antarctica can create ambassadors who will champion its continued protection when they return home.

Rob McCallum

Committee Member

Seattle based New Zealander Rob McCallum is a founding partner of both IAATO member EYOS Expeditions Ltd, and of IAATO Associate Expedition Voyage Consultants Ltd.  Rob has been visiting Antarctica for over twenty years, initially as a New Zealand Government ‘Antarctic Observer’ and later as an expedition leader with many of the IAATO’s member companies.   Since the formation of EYOS Expeditions in 2008, Rob and the EYOS team have coordinated Antarctic visits by dozens of the worlds premier super-yachts to South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and the Ross Sea.

Rob holds both bachelor (Lincoln) and masters degrees (Aberystwyth) in protected area management and worked for the NZ Department of Conservation for 23 years in the management of pristine places.  He was on secondment to the United Nations Development Program for 4 years as a technical advisor on integrating conservation with development (tourism).  He is a published author on conservation techniques and has a lifetime of experience in enabling visitors to visit precious landscapes with minimal impact.

A keen aircraft pilot, diver and explorer, Rob is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Explorers Club.  While he has a strong interest in adventure and exploration, he has a lifelong passion for protecting pristine landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them.

Tudor Morgan

Committee Member

Tudor has always had a passion for polar places. After many Arctic and Alpine expeditions while studying Geology at Manchester University he first went South with British Antarctic Survey wintered as a Field Guide before becoming became Field Operations Manager. After six years he moved on to work for the Antarctic Heritage Trust managing the operation at Port Lockroy and overseeing the conservation of other historic sites. Before joining the full time staff at Hurtigruten he was Operations Manager at IAATO.  He has been awarded the Queens Polar Medal for outstanding service to Antarctic science and Heritage.

Robin West

Committee Member

Born and raised in South Africa, Robin West could either be found in the ocean or on the rugby pitch while growing up. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Port Elizabeth, his love for adventure developed into a career when he became an owner and operator of two outdoor adventure companies.

Robin then sought out adventure beyond Africa, setting his mind to global expedition travel. With a solid base of business and tourism, Robin began working on expedition ships, covering all corners of the world over the course of 15 years. Working with numerous companies and private super yachts, he has not only gained tremendous experience in the operations of the expedition business, but he has also developed a deep knowledge of some of the most remote and exciting places in the world.

With this experience and knowledge of the luxury industry, Robin joined Seabourn as Director of Expedition Operation, placing him in charge of all aspects of expedition operations. When not exploring the far corners of the world, Robin now calls The Netherlands home.

Robyn Woodhead

Committee Chair

Robyn has been involved in responsible Antarctic travel since 2006,and has been an active member of IAATO since 2010, joining the Executive Committee in 2017 and becoming EC Chair in 2021. She has also served on the Gateway Climate Change and Deep Field Committees. Robyn is a co-director of White Desert Ltd, alongside her husband, Patrick.

Robyn grew up in Cape Town in a family of intrepid travellers. From the beginning, adventure travel was in her DNA. After graduating from university, she moved to London where she set herself up in the world of travel marketing and PR. She went on to found a UK-based luxury travel marketing and advertising agency where she cut her teeth on a wide variety of clients including the European Union, The Centre for Disease Control and numerous high-end travel destinations.

After an expedition to Antarctica in 2006, Robyn turned her attention to the other end of the planet and skied the last degree to the North Pole with her family. She became the first South African to reach both Poles and later that same year, now hooked on all things polar, she left advertising to join White Desert. She now divides her time between London, Cape Town and Dronning Maud Land, finding Antarctic tourism to be the perfect way of combining her business acumen with a deep-rooted passion for the Polar Regions.

Robyn is on a mission to create true “Antarctic Ambassadors” -former high-profile White Desert clients who then go on to make a difference through their own networks, helping to secure the future and protection of Antarctica. She is also a proud mother of two, balancing work and family life.

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