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IAATO Guidelines Posters

Print-ready IAATO and ATS Guidelines Posters are available for download by IAATO Members below.

Antarctic Treaty Guidelines

The Antarctic Treaty Guidelines provide general advice for visiting any location, with the aim of ensuring visits do not have adverse impacts on the Antarctic environment, or on its scientific and aesthetic values. ATCM Site Guidelines for Visitors provide additional site specific advice for some locations.

You can find the print-ready A3 Antarctic Treaty Guidelines (Recommendation 3, 2011) in the menus below.

Displaying Posters

IAATO have a number of guideline posters available in print-ready, A3 size format, for Members to download and print for use onboard vessels and in deep-field.

The following posters should be included onboard in areas visible to guests:

  • ATCM General Guidelines
  • IAATO Don’t Pack a Pest Guidelines
  • IAATO Cetacean Watching Guidelines
  • IAATO Bird Watching Guidelines
  • IAATO Seal Watching Guidelines