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Marketing Guidelines and PR Audits

IAATO Marketing and PR Self-Audits

These audits are intended to help guide your company marketing and PR teams when developing Antarctic and IAATO related content. There is one for vessel-based operators and one for land-based operators.

IAATO Marketing & PR Self-Audit – Vessel-Based Operators


IAATO Marketing & PR Self-Audit – Land-Based Operators


IAATO guidelines for Marketing Antarctica presentations

The IAATO guidelines for marketing Antarctica presentations are intended as a tool for members to communicate IAATO’s core values to PR and marketing staff, sales teams, agents, wholesalers, guiding companies etc., to help manage guest expectations and IAATO’s reputation in promoting the practice of safe, environmentally responsible Antarctic travel.

There are two versions:

  1. Internal: IAATO Marketing Antarctica advisory for IAATO member companies including staff and agents involved in public relations, marketing and sales.
  2. External: IAATO Marketing Antarctica advisory for external sales agents, wholesalers and guiding companies.

Download these below, either as a Powerpoint presentation or as a PDF.

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese.