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Member Obligations

Member Obligations

In addition to abiding by the general principles and objectives of IAATO, the membership have additional obligations placed upon them on a seasonal basis. These are outlined in this section.

  • Pre-season
    • Marketing & Planning
    • Authorization Process
    • Ship Scheduler
    • Vessel Database
    • Vessel-Tracking System
    • Field Operations Manual
    • Online Field Staff Assessment
    • Provisional Operator Obligations
  • During the Season
    • Communications & Seasonal Updates
    • Emergency or Incident Response
  • End of Season
    • Post-Visit Report Forms
    • End of Season Report Forms
  • Enhanced Observer Scheme

Member Obligations

During the Season

End of Season

Enhanced Observer Scheme

At IAATO 22 (Hobart, 2011) the mechanics of a three-part Enhanced Observer Scheme were tabled to lay the groundwork for a framework of procedures to continue work towards building a robust set of mechanisms to give the organization the confidence in its systems that “we are doing what we say we are doing.”

The three parts of the Scheme included the following:

  • Internal Review Checklist (to be completed annually by all Operators) to provide Operators with a mechanism for internal confirmation that they are working to IAATO requirements. The Internal Review Checklist can be downloaded on the Checklists page.
  • External Review Checklist (to-be-determined) will aim to provide Operators with a standardized mechanism to show that their paperwork is fulfilling IAATO requirements and also to provide Operators with a mechanism for feedback on their annual paperwork submissions.
  • Field Observation (to be completed on a voluntary basis) with the aim of the process to provide Operators with an independent review of their field operations, including a mechanism for feedback and to provide IAATO with a “confidence measure” of operators’ standards. Field Observation Checklists are currently in draft form within the context of EOS, and duplicate what is currently used for in evaluating new Provisional Operator members.

At IAATO 22, Members agreed to advance the Scheme. As part of a Pilot Phase, operators were asked to “road test” the Internal Review Checklist, with several operators volunteering to go through the External Review Checklist process.

For information on volunteering for parts of the Scheme, please contact the IAATO Administrative Officer.