2018 News Releases


Blog | A Year in The Life of Responsible Tourism
What does a year in the life of responsible tourism look like? We asked our digital media assistant Hayley Court, who joined us a year ago this month, for her reflections on her first 12 months in IAATO. Read her blog here

Blog | Penguins, People & Science - Antarctica Depends on All Three
Penguins were my first love. I used to study gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguins for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on a remote Antarctic island to see how their breeding and foraging patterns changed in response to food supply. My work and experiences left me with a lifetime longing to do what I could to protect them. Read our latest blog here - and further reading from our polar partners at UK Antarctic Heritage Trust here

IAATO Launches Version Two of ‘One-Stop' App for Antarctic Visitors & Guides
The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has launched version two of its successful IAATO Polar Guide: Antarctica app, that makes it quick and easy for users on-the-go in the field to access essential information, without the need for a phone signal. Read more.

IAATO's responsible tourism conference concludes

10 May - IAATO has concluded its 2018 meeting in Newport, Rhode Island, having agreed to strengthen its mission of promoting the practice of safe, environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic. Every year, members set aside competitive interests to have open and candid discussions on safety, environmental protection and self-regulation. Decision-making is supported by recommendations developed by IAATO's many dedicated committees and working groups throughout the year. The meetings conclude annually with the voting in of new policies on best practice. Read more.

IAATO reports latest Antarctic visitor numbers as members gather for their annual meeting.

30 April - IAATO's proactive management strategies can act as a role model for safe, environmentally responsible travel as Antarctic growth continues in line with global trends. IAATO has been monitoring, analyzing and reporting trends since 1991 as part of its commitment to ‘leave only footprints' through the effective self-management of its activities. The majority, 41,996, of visitors travelled by sea to Antarctica on vessels offering excursions ashore, representing a 16% increase compared to the previous year. Read more.


IAATO is celebrating International Women's Day, March 8

2 - 8 March - In the lead up to International Women's Day on March 8, IAATO is celebrating Antarctic women, from scientists and educators to leaders and conservationists. Follow #polarwomen on Twitter and Instagram and read more about these incredible women as the week unfolds: Lisa Kelley, IAATO Head of Operations (2 March); Allison Lee, Biologist (3 March); Susan Adie, Expedition Leader (4 March); Robyn Woodhead, Owner/Operator (5 March); Mariela Cornejo, Expedition Staff (7 March)

These inspirational women are from or work with the IAATO community. They lead by example, are advocates for change and are instrumental in delivering our mission of safe, environmentally responsible polar travel.

It's Penguin Awareness Day but cute memes aside, is there a serious message behind it?

20 January - They may be the cute but penguins, as top predators, are telling us important stuff about the health of their unique and precious home. We need to be aware of what they are telling us – and not just on January 20th. Read More

Why we need to make 2018 the year the world stops sucking

8 January - Amanda Lynnes, IAATO Head of Communications & Environment, on how small tweaks to our everyday habits can make a big difference to the environment. Read More