2018 News Releases

IAATO is celebrating International Women's Day, March 8

2 - 8 March - In the lead up to International Women's Day on March 8, IAATO is celebrating Antarctic women, from scientists and educators to leaders and conservationists. Follow #polarwomen on Twitter and Instagram and read more about these incredible women as the week unfolds: Lisa Kelley, IAATO Head of Operations (2 March); Allison Lee, Biologist (3 March); Susan Adie, Expedition Leader (4 March); Robyn Woodhead, Owner/Operator (5 March); Mariela Cornejo, Expedition Staff (7 March)

These inspirational women are from or work with the IAATO community. They lead by example, are advocates for change and are instrumental in delivering our mission of safe, environmentally responsible polar travel.

It's Penguin Awareness Day but cute memes aside, is there a serious message behind it?

20 January - They may be the cute but penguins, as top predators, are telling us important stuff about the health of their unique and precious home. We need to be aware of what they are telling us – and not just on January 20th. Read More

Why we need to make 2018 the year the world stops sucking

8 January - Amanda Lynnes, IAATO Head of Communications & Environment, on how small tweaks to our everyday habits can make a big difference to the environment. Read More