IAATO's Financial Support Comes from You

IAATO works on behalf of its Member companies — and, in turn, you, their passengers — to ensure tourism is safe and environmentally responsible, important ingredients in Antarctic conservation efforts.

With a very small percentage of your overall trip price, you are already making a valuable contribution to the continued wellbeing of Antarctica. Depending on the type of program you participate in, the operator you travel with contributes the following to IAATO:

  • 2012-13 season – US$30 for landed-passenger operations / US$22.50 for cruise-only operations.

How are these funds used by IAATO? To give just a few examples, they:

  • lookout bay photoProvide a forum for all operators in the Antarctic travel industry to share their expertise and best practices — in the field and onboard ship — and to uphold the highest operating standards.
  • Enhance public awareness and concern for the conservation of the Antarctic environment.
  • Encourage passengers to become strong advocates — or "ambassadors" — for the continued protection of Antarctica.
  • Help IAATO ensure that its Members employ the best-qualified staff and field personnel, through continued training and education.
  • Foster cooperation between the travel industry and the international scientific community in Antarctica on important issues such as climate change and the prevention of introducing non-native species.
  • Work with the media, governments and environmental organizations to ensure that private sector travel to Antarctica makes a worthy contribution to the protection of the continent.

In 2011, IAATO celebrated 20 years of this important work, ever cognizant of our responsibility to ensure that tourism activities have no more than a minor or transitory impact on the Antarctic environment.

Thank you for your support of these important objectives!

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