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IAATO Brand Guidelines & Logos

IAATO branding documents and logo files for use by IAATO Members

Copyright & Logo Use

All items on this website are licensed for use under the U.S. copyright law and the sole property of IAATO. Any use of the information, images, text or graphics is strictly prohibited without the written consent of IAATO. Images may be used for personal and non-commercial publication only.

The IAATO logo is our official “trademark” and not available for general use. The use of the IAATO logo in brochures, advertisements or other promotional materials is reserved for Operator and Associate members in good standing as set forth in IAATO’s Bylaws.

Please contact IAATO for a copy of the logo and refer to IAATO’s Bylaws, Article III, Section J, for its appropriate use.

IAATO’s Brand Guidelines

In this document you will find everything you need to know about IAATO’s branding; from the fonts and colour palette we use to guidance on appropriate imagery to represent the work of the organization.

IAATO's Brand Guidelines