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Member Obligations

End of Season

End of Season

Post-Visit Report Forms

After each voyage or expedition and within two of the voyage disembarkation, each operator’s field guide, Master or Expedition Leader is required to complete/submit a Post-Visit Report form. These are updated annually and can be found in Section 04 Reports and Checklist in the Field Operations Manual. Instructions on how to fill it in can be found on first sheet of the form or an a separate PDF also in Section 04 of the FOM.

Alternatively, the PVR can be filled out day by day directly in the IAATO Database as the voyage is underway.

Post-visit reporting on activities is a legal requirement under Antarctic Treaty System obligations and under most national domestic regulations. IAATO uses the data compiled in these reports both for reporting and monitoring of tourism-related activities, but also as a means to assess trends in member activities to help in good, effective management.

End of Season Report Forms

End of Season Reports (EOS) are a set form that can be completed in the Seasonal Requirements section of the IAATO Database. It requires information from both Expedition Leaders and from home office representatives. Information in this form (e.g., the number of non-revenue passengers, monies raised for conservation, science transport provided, etc.) is used in a variety of different ways, from the submission of Information Papers to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings, at IAATO’s Annual Meetings and also for IAATO invoicing of passenger fees from member-operators.

As there is always a very short turnaround time for this information, you are asked to submit this form immediately on completion of your Antarctic season, with a final deadline of 31 March.