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News02 May 2022, 0900 UTC

IAATO Appoints New Chair to Executive Committee

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The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has appointed Executive Committee member Tudor Morgan to its leading role.

Tudor, VP Government and Industry relations at IAATO member operator Hurtigruten Expeditions, takes the reins from Robyn Woodhead, who steps down after five years on the EC, the last one as chair.

The appointment was made on Thursday at IAATO’s annual meeting in Rhode Island, US. The two-and-a-half day meeting was the organisation’s first in-person gathering of the responsible tourism association since the pandemic was declared in 2020.

Tudor has been involved in Antarctic-related fields since 1994, working for British Antarctic Survey, and later UKAHT with whom he attended his first IAATO meeting 13 years ago. He then joined IAATO member operator Hurtigruten and was elected to IAATO’s Executive Committee in 2019.

Tudor Morgan, who takes up the role of Chair on IAATO’s Executive Committee.

IAATO Executive Director, Gina Greer said: “Robyn has been an invaluable member of the EC for the last five years, and an incredible support in guiding IAATO through such an unprecedented period in its history.

“As we move out of that period, and look ahead, Tudor’s vast experience in Antarctic matters and IAATO give him a broad perspective of the challenges in front of us. I’m looking forward to working with him in his new role.”

Every year at IAATO’s annual meeting, members have open and candid discussions on safety, environmental protection, and self-management. Decision-making is supported by recommendations developed by IAATO’s many dedicated committees and working groups throughout the year. The meeting concludes annually with the voting in of new policies on best practice which support the association’s mission.

Robyn Woodhead steps down after five years on IAATO’s Executive Committee, the last year as Chair.

It is at the annual meeting that new members are elected to vacant positions on the IAATO Executive Committee. As part of the EC, these members lead the organisation, making decisions on behalf of the membership, where appropriate. The composition of the EC is designed to reflect both the geographical distribution and operational activities of the Membership.

Taking a seat on the EC this year are Brandon Harvey, from EYOS Expeditions, Diana Galimberti from Antarctica21 and Sibrand Hassing of Holland America Line.

Tudor said: “It’s a privilege to represent and work with the members and polar stakeholders as Chair of the Executive Committee.

“As we come out of this pandemic, focusing on sustainability, and introducing new members to our mission and vision, we have a lot of work to do to strengthen our core values in readiness for the challenges ahead.

“I am very passionate about Antarctica, educating polar enthusiasts and creating ambassadors who share a love for this special place.”

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