Supporting Science

IAATO member companies provide logistic and scientific support to national Antarctic programs and Antarctic organizations

With more than 200 departures annually to the Antarctic, tour vessels represent a platform of opportunity for researchers and science programs. Tour vessels provide a cost-effective transportation link from Ushuaia to the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula with frequent departures from November to March each season. Specific requests for logistic or other support should be made to individual members or the IAATO Secretariat.

Each season Antarctic tour vessels transport scores of researchers and station personnel from many national Antarctic programs. In addition, members of the Antarctic Site Inventory Project and other conservation teams are provided with accommodations, transport and access to visitor sites.

IAATO members transport equipment and supplies, including materials for stations, research camps and other projects. Vessels are made available to national Antarctic programs before or after the regular tour season for charter work.

Tour operators and passengers also make direct financial contributions to organizations active in Antarctica, including the Scott Polar Research Institute, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, Antarctic Heritage Trust, South Georgia Whaling Museum and Humpback Whale Identification Project.